The Klawock Cooperative Association’s (KCA) Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) department has worked with the City of Klawock and the Klawock Heenya Corporation and developed a transportation/roads inventory list that the community feels are necessary for the residents to access their lands and resources for economic and cultural development, subsistence activities, and to enhance the surrounding public transportation safety.

The main project during the 2017 construction season was the road and bridge improvements on Salt Chuck Lane. Scope of Work:  Approximately 2.4 miles of existing road will be reconstructed and resurfaced with significant changes to the horizontal and vertical alignment to straighten and flatten out the road.  The new road will be 20-foot wide and topped with a 6-inch sand/gravel surface.  Existing log bridges will be replaced with culverts or steel structure bridges.  This project will continue during the 2018 construction season.

Stan  Dolloff - Transportation Director -

KCA Transportation Department