Department of Environmental Conservation Listing for Klawock's contaminated sites

There is a list of  Contaminated Sites within the Klawock area on the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) web site. Some of these sites could be the same as the list above just  called by another name. The status might need to be taken note of, although they could have been cleaned up they will sill be on the list. The Brownfield Coordinator will continue to keep this page updated in accordance with the DEC and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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City of Klawock Landfill

Old Klawock Clinic 

City of Klawock Harbor Used Oil 

Heenya Trailer Park 

The Beach Tide Line from Boat Launch to the Klawock River. 

1/2 Mile Klawock Road

Mary Jackson Oil Spill 

Klawock City Trailer Park 

Klawock Cannery

Klawock Sort Yard