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SSP Community Catalyst: Quinn R. Aboudara

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Guiding Principle

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership is based on the assumption that the best environmental stewards come from communities that are strongly connected to place and empowered to adopt their own solutions for cultural, environmental and economic prosperity, sustainability, and resilience.

The challenges faced in sustainably balancing ecological, economic and social values are highly complex and particularly challenging in rural Southeast Alaska.

Working together we can achieve much more than we can on our own.  Our program is founded on the assumption that each community has something to teach the others in our region, and that, the native cultures of Southeast Alaska have a uniquely valuable perspective to offer on the importance of connecting people and place in creating prosperous and resilient communities.

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership seeks opportunities to improve energy efficiency, economic stability, food systems stability, resource management, and the community as a whole.  We work within a network of partnerships that share similar goals and engage in projects that are important to our host organizations and the communities in which we work.

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