Trish Ellison, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

FDPIR Administrator

We are the distributors of the USDA commodities program for Klawock residents.

The program is open to all residents of Klawock that meet the criteria income guidelines.

The income guidelines are the highest of all food programs available to Alaska citizens.

This is a USDA government program, federally recognized   and you can only be certified into one food program in any given month (SNAP OR FDPIR) this is strictly forbidden. You could lose privileges to either or both programs+ repayment. 

After the approval of your application, you are given an appointment to come into “shop in our pantry” for your choice from available commodities. The commodities per month are equivalent to buying $300.-$400 of groceries per person in the household, regardless of age, at our local grocery stores.

An appointment is a MUST, due to our busy schedule and high clientele, you must call our office for your appointment, 907-755-2265 and ask for the food program office. If you miss your appointment, you must re-schedule. If you Do Not pick up your commodities before the last business day of the month, you forfeit them for that month, there are NO exceptions to this rule.

This is a very well-conceived program for our communities and encourage income eligible members to apply. We are the largest program in the State of Alaska to date and are proud to be serving our community members with opportunity to be in the program.