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Will assist in developing and implementing programs addressing solid waste, recycling, water quality, air quality, climate change, contaminated sites, subsistence and customary/ traditional use areas and any other environmental issues that may arise which affects the well-being of the Tribe and Tribal Members.

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List of Activities FY16.

Developed an EPA Tribal Environmental Plan, did an Abandoned Vehicle Removal Project, Freon Removal/Hazwopper Training, Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, Air Quality (Air Matters Tool Kits - Mold & Moisture Education, Phytoplankton Water Sampling, Shellfish Sampling, Ocean Acidification Education.

Environmental Coordinator worked on IGAP Grants, Received for Fiscal Year 2016 and 2017, Received an Unmet Needs Abandoned Vehicle removal, Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan and Brownfield Grant.

Environmental Coordinator hosted a Freon Removal/Hazwopper Training in May 2016, there were 10 Participants, 3 KCA Employees, and 5 Tribal Members, rest City Employees.

KCA IGAP Dept. received an ANTHC Mini-Grant to purchase Air Matters tool kits, and went door to door with 40 participants to educate them on Mold & Moisture.

KCA Environmental Dept. worked with KAI Environmental on updating Klawock’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, this will help in securing future funding for Solid Waste Projects.

Water Quality Assurance Project Plan was approved in March 2015.  Funding was approved FY16 this is in our workplan, just now purchased the equipment and plan on monitoring soon, there will be monitoring 4 sites with the Klawock Watershed.

Identify activities that should carry over to next year.

TEC Meetings (Earth Day & Natural Resources Day), POW Watershed Association Meetings, Developed a Water Quality Monitoring Program, Air Quality Program, Phytoplankton Water Sample Testing, Shellfish Sampling and Ocean Acidification water testing. Update EPA Tribal Environmental Plan.

List the kinds of activities that funding permits (or prohibits).

We do mostly Education and outreach. Write and Manage Grants. We are not able to do hands on work with labor intensive projects.

KCA Environmental Dept.